Resident Mary Troop surrounded by associates showing their support

By Dana Miller, confidential secretary


This is the story of a nurse who had a dream.


Joy Mattson is a registered nurse at Hickory House Nursing Home in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania. She knew that one of her residents, Mary Troop, a retired nurse, had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. Mattson noticed that Troop was becoming depressed and that her hair was beginning to fall out.


Troop was on Mattson’s mind.


One night, Mattson had a dream that there were people lined up and down the hall of A Wing, where Troop lives, dressed in pink. Troop was coming down the hall in her wheelchair between the two lines. Everyone was holding posters and giving her flowers and balloons. Music was playing, and they cheered Troop on, giving her words of encouragement.


The next night, Mattson had the very same dream.


When Mattson got up the next morning, she was convinced that she had to do this for Troop. She wanted to show her how much everyone cares for her.


When she got to work and told her co-workers about her dream, she asked them if they would be willing to wear pink and participate in this celebration. Everyone agreed.


Mattson went home on a mission to make this dream a reality. On Sept. 17, 2015, everyone working that day dressed in pink, balloons were hung, posters that Mattson had made were held up, music played and as Troop wheeled down the hall, everyone on both sides of the hallway handed her a carnation and expressed words of encouragement.


At the end of the line, Troop had an entire bouquet of carnations in her arms and a pink sequin cap, and she smiled all the way. Though many of the associates had tears in their eyes, their hearts and faces were filled with love.


Troop’s face lit up with the wonder of this display for her.


“It helped me to see everyone stand up for me and my fight,” said Troop. “It was very touching.”


Troop’s son and sister were there for the occasion as well and were also moved by the show of support.


Mattson’s dream came true because she believed that it would make a difference for Troop. It did make a difference for Troop, and it made a difference for all who participated in making Mattson’s dream come true.